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What is Cloudocs?

Cloudocs allows you to share files and generate leads based on those downloads.

Follow-up with people who download your files and generate a list of potential customers.

Do I have to sign up?

To post downloadable content, yes.

To download a document, no. We request the potential lead's contact information for you (the seller) and forward it to you so you can follow up with them.

I like today's deal - how do I get it?

Just register!

We will automatically put you on a trial account and if you like our service, upgrade to keep your downloads!

How do I upload a file?

You can upload a new document from your home directory https://cloudocs.com/my-files

There is an 'Add File' button in the top right. Follow the step by step instructions.

My Files Screenshot

How does the Auto-Responder work?

This is where the magic happens. We will automatically email the client at the specified time after the download to allow you to follow up with the client.

You can also upload additional files that the downloader might be interested in to try to generate more interest in your product or download.

My Email's aren't being sent out, what's wrong?

We suggest using Gmail for the email service. These settings can be administered at https://cloudocs.com/account/email-settings

Email Settings Screenshot

However, if you have to use SMTP, make sure your settings have been entered correctly on the settings page. Also make sure your SMTP server allows external logins, if you use Outlook or another desktop email program it's safe to assume that these settings are in place.

How do I view who's downloaded my files?

You can view a list of everyone who's downloaded your files from the 'My Files>> 'File Downloads' menu.

Start at https://cloudocs.com/my-files and select the file you want to view the downloads for. This goes to the 'File Overview', on the left hand side/menu there is an option to view the the 'Downloads'.

Downloads Screenshot

You can also download a CSV of the download list from this page.

How do I change what information I want to collect?

Want to collect some specific information? You can administer the fields from https://cloudocs.com/account/lead-info that is accessible from 'My Account' >> 'Lead Info' menu option.

Lead Info Screenshot

How do I add/modify my Auto-Responders?

You can modify the Auto-Responders per file from the 'My Files' menu, go to https://cloudocs.com/my-files and select the file you want to modify, then select 'Auto Responders' in the menu.

Auto-Responders Screenshot

From this list you can modify the Auto-Responder or add/remove the current responders.